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The concept of starting retail garment outlets all over Delhi and surrounding cities was first initiated by the acting CHAIRMAN & CEO of the garment export house “S.K. WEARS”- Mrs. Janak Dutta, whose dream was to generate profits from these stores and use them in making charitable schools, dispensaries and hospitals for the poor and downtrodden.

In 1999, determined to showcase and conceptualize his mother’s dreams into reality, Mr. Ajay Dutta – acting chairman of S.K. Wears {garment export house} blossomed the idea of starting his chain of retail stores called MOTHER HOME in New Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida & Chandigarh with a range of Garments and Furnishing in a variety of natural fibres. With his wife Mrs. Shalini Dutta, Mr. Ajay Dutta continues to showcase the Indian Handloom textiles to the Indian market and combine handloom processes with varied techniques of weaving, printing, dyeing and finally embellishing and presenting to the customers, the best of quality and design amongst which HANDBLOCK has excelled, which is carved out of wood and is the simplest of printing devices.

MOTHER HOME constantly seeks to create an environment, in which traditional textiles have their place and value and to build a symbiotic relationship between the market and the design product. Together with Garments-Indian and Western in design, MOTHER HOME offers a diverse and colorful selection of Home Textiles and Accessories, in its product range. Inspirations are also derived from its export-division, which caters mainly to the European market.

MOTHER HOME has also been developing products in specialized areas, such as appliqué, hand embroidery, patchwork and beadwork, which now constitutes, a significant part of our product range, and gives employment to hundreds of women and men in factory premises and supports another team of dedicated managerial staff who work at the MOTHER HOME stores. In an attempt to maintain its highest standards of quality necessitated by its customers, all the fabric procurement, finishing, checking and packaging is done at MOTHER HOME’S factory in New Delhi under the strict supervision of their Quality Assurance Department.

The vision and motto “ the customer keeps coming back “ has well proven with the result of 10 leading stores since 1999, with the true love and patronage shown by its dear customers, Mother Home projects to now go Nation-wide, serving to the best of its ability and keeping the prices “People friendly”.

“Mother Home” is also your “Home” and always takes such opportunities to thank our most valued customer friends for their undaunted love and affection due to which Mother Home strives forward to achieve National Footage.





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